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Here's to you! -  (You're what we get out of bed for.)

Here's to you! - (You're what we get out of bed for.)

Mike Harper

Welcome to Wine Gourmet.
Wine Gourmet is a retail wine and beer shop in the Roanoke Valley. We pride ourselves on being a quality shop. That is, we pride ourselves on having a broad selection of quality wines, the quality of the staff’s knowledge, and on the quality of the service we can provide you. The chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know us and, hopefully, feel the same.
If not, you may want to take a moment and follow the above link to our website.

We want to make wine shopping and buying as un-mysterious, as pleasant and rewarding as ordering a meal at a favorite restaurant. We’d like fine wines and beers to be an old sweater in your world, something reliable and comfortable and something about which, it isn’t necessary to devote a lot of thought.

So, how do we get you there? How do you become as comfortable and confident as we are in your beverage choices? It’s a bit of a head scratcher. But, it’s occurred to us that an important step is chatting about it, getting (we hope) a dialog going. For those of you who’ve ventured into the store, the dialog is easy – you ask a question (or we do), and we’re off exchanging information and ideas and soon you have the info you need to make a purchasing decision – e.g., “hmmm . . this has the flavors I’m looking for and the price is right . . ” or “I never thought of matching pinot to salmon, but now that I think of it . . ” – you get the idea. Here on the web, however, the interaction is not as direct and specific. But, by gum, we’re consumers too and we know that, when we‘re faced with questions about a product with which we’re not as familiar as we’d like to be, – we research it on the web. It’s a great place to start.
– so start there we will.

We hope you enjoy reading some of the things we have to say and we encourage you to post back comments or e-mail us (or phone us or stop by the store . . ). We really want to know whether or not we’re doing something here or if we’re just a wind-up toy that’s whirring away in a corner, going nowhere.

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