Dogtown Pizza – mmmmmm woof!


Mike Harper

Check out the terrific article that Lindsay Nair of the Roanoke Times did for Dogtown Pizza.

Dogtown consists of two guys from Floyd with a dream and a taste for phenomenal pizza. While some might describe the pizzas they produce as “simple”, because they have relatively few toppings, I’d say, “pure” is a better word.  This is true Italian style pizza, a bit different from its American cousins but so true to the pizzas I first enjoyed in Italy.   These pies are a showcase for fresh, high-quality local ingredients. – and the crust. . .
oh my.
The crust is sublime – crispy on the edges, yeasty, tinged with ash from the wood-fire and barely able to support the rich toppings toward the pointy-end of the slice.
At Wine Gourmet, as we have so many good things to drink, we are all about good things to eat.  With that in mind, we are very happy to announce that Dogtown Pizza will be here, in our parking lot, on Saturday, August 15th.  On that day, we’ll be celebrating our eighth anniversary in business and will be pouring a lot of wine, giving out some Dogtown Pizza nibbles, and generally having a great time.  Stop by between Noon and 5pm to enjoy our good fortune at being successful – and don’t forget to order a couple of pies to take home with you.
You won’t regret it.

Take a look at Dogtown Pizza on the net!

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  1. amen!!! Dogtown Pizza rocks!

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